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VA Kitchen

VA Kitchen – Minneapolis

This project consisted of the construction of a new 36,600 SF building for the main kitchen and dining room facilities for the St. Cloud Veterans Affairs Health Care campus. This new building also contains offices for the Nutrition & Food Services Management Staff.

This LEED Silver project had many unique challenges as it was constructed in a very small space between four functioning buildings and directly over the top of existing utility tunnels which provide steam, phone and data utilities to multiple areas of the campus.

In addition, this project includes removing old water, sewer and storm sewer utilities with a completely new design tightly within the confines of this small site and new building. Along with the utilities work, a new underground storm water chamber infiltration system was installed to manage the storm water of this area.

Other functioning utilities had to be either rerouted permanently or temporarily to construct the new site utilities infrastructure in the building. Because of this, there were water, sewer, steam, phone and data shutdowns which affected the entire campus. This required constant communication between hospital staff and subcontractors.

The main floor, roof structure, beams and interior columns were constructed so that a future 2nd floor would be possible at a later date.

This state-of-the-art kitchen facility will enable veterans enjoy healthy and nutritious meals for years to come.