Bid Center

Active Projects Include:

1800 Chicago Triage Intake 1/8/2020 Minneapolis, MN C. Kirchoff
Repair Wall Panels and Drain 1/9/2020 St. Paul, MN C. Kirchoff
CSD #13 District IT Upgrades 1/9/2020 Circle Pines, MN K. Steele
Warehouse Renovation Phase II 1/15/2020 Minneapolis, MN N. Thome
Civic Plaza Restroom Upgrades 1/15/2020 Bloomington, MN C. Zierhut
Building Envelope Improvements 1/15/2020 Hopkins, MN C. Kirchoff
Update Anderson Information Desk 1/16/2020 St. Paul, MN K. O’Connor
3rd Floor Chamber Updates 1/21/2020 St. Paul, MN C. Zierhut
Remodel 3rd Floor Restrooms 1/22/2020 St. Paul, MN N. Thome
Building Tuckpointing 1/23/2020 St. Paul, MN C. Kirchoff
Anoka Golf Maintenance Building 1/23/2020 Anoka, MN K. Steele
Capitol Complex Memorial Repair 1/23/2020 St. Paul, MN N. Thome
Elevator Lobby Security Enhancements 1/28/2020 St. Paul, MN N. Thome
North Regional Library Refurbishments 1/29/2020 Minneapolis, MN C. Kirchoff
Ramsey County Public Health Re-Roof 1/29/2020 St. Paul, MN C. Kirchoff
Expand EC and R for Complex Patient Care 2/4/2020 Minneapolis, MN C.. Zierhut